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Hullo fellow NCT-ers.

recently returned from the Bishops at Francis Parker match. The teams were pretty evenly matched, though the crowd was obviously that of Parker's. Five things was tough. Bishops played Chain Murder incorrectly...they always acted out the occupation rather than getting the other player to do it, but meh, it was still funny. Story was kinda tedious, but it always is for me. but it was certainly entertaining.

Point Loma definately wants a match in the near future. We are going to try to schedule matches once a week up until the tournement. maybe twice a week, if we are that badass....but its only two weeks away if you count spring break as not being a week.

anyways leave me or someone a message if you are interested in a game. and, as always, encourage more folks to join this lovely little forum.

~Zach Craig "Nog"
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